Our Vision

To be one of the top five research institutions in environment, forestry and climate change research in Africa by 2025.

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Organized forestry research in Ethiopia was started by the establishment of Forestry Research Center (FRC) and the then Wood Utilization Research Center (WUARC) in 1975 and 1979, respectively, under the Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Development Authority (FaWCDA). The centers were incorporated into the then Ministry of Natural Resources Development and Environmental Protection in 1992 and again transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture in 1995. The Federal Government of Ethiopia reorganized the National Agricultural Research System and established the then Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization (EARO) in 1997 by proclamation (Negarit Gazeta, 1997). As a result, FRC and WUARC were transferred to EARO as one research center (FRC), and one of the research sectors of EARO, which is now renamed as the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR). Then, the Government of Ethiopia found it necessary to give due attention to activities of environmental protection, forest development, protection and utilization activities by linking forest research with environmental protection research at an institutional level for the attainment of the objectives of the Government which led to the establishment of the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission.

Research Strategic Plan

The plan outlines the major areas of focus where both financial and other resources should be channeled into technology generation, research coordination, capacity building and system development and dissemination of technologies. It is hoped that high performance will be achieved if the plan is implemented properly and EEFRI will be in a position to significantly contribute to solve major forestry, environment and climate issues in Ethiopia. It is assumed that all directorates and sections will develop their own strategic plans based on this corporate strategic plan...

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Director General Message

Ethiopia is endowed with diverse flora, fauna, micro-organisms and beautiful landscapes that harbor a mosaic of life forms. However, the forests, woodlands, shrub-lands, grasslands and their habitats have been subject of over-exploitation and destruction for agricultural investment, ...

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