Research Strategic Plan

Research strategic plan


EEFRI has prepared ten years research strategic plan to be followed

Dr. Agena Anjulo
Deputy Director General

as a guide line from 2016- 2025. This strategic plan document paves

the way what EEFRI aspires in order to be sustainable, accessible and, by 2025, to be one of the top five research hubs in Africa in the areas of environment, forestry and climate change.

The plan outlines the major areas of focus where both financial and other resources should be channeled into technology generation, research coordination, capacity building and system development and dissemination of technologies. It is hoped that high performance will be achieved if the plan is implemented properly and EEFRI will be in a position to significantly contribute to solve major forestry, environment and climate change issues in Ethiopia. It is assumed that all directorates and coordination will develop their own strategic plans based on this corporate strategic plan.

This document has passed through several stages of thorough preparations: from setting up a committee, collecting as well as processing of data and information, writing up draft to editing and publishing. In each step of the preparation, professional and experienced people have made paramount contributions. Interested visitor can read the attached soft copy herewith in PDF format.