Dire Dawa Environment and Forest Research Center


Dire Dawa Environment and Forest Research Center (DEFRC) is one of the newly established research centers under the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI). The Center

Dr Abebaw shimeles
Director, Diredawa Environment and Forest Research Center (DEFRC)

fully established as an autonomous research center on 8 July 2016. DEFRC is found/located at a distance of 515 km southeast of Addis Ababa with latitudinal and longitudinal range of 9°36′N and 41°52′E, respectively. The Center has three Sub-centers at Jigiga, Semera and Gelemso. The Center has been mandated to conducted research on:

  • Plantation and Agroforestry
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Forest Resources Utilization
  • Forest Protection
  • Climate science
  • Pollution Management
  • Socio-economics, policy, extension and gender

The Center is responsible to adapt, generate, improve, disseminate and promote new technologies, knowledge and technical information in areas of environment and forests in its mandated areas. The mandated areas of DEFRC are Zone 1, Siti, Dire Dawa, Hareri, Fafan, East Harerge, Nogob, Shabelle, Korahe Jarar, Doolo, Afder and Liben

Disseminating Strategies

DEFRC will provide research findings (technologies and information) on environment and forest to the stakeholders in terms of pre-extension technology demonstrations and pre-scaling up activities, workshop, training, publications such as bulletins, books, journals, workshop proceedings, MSC theses, PhD dissertations, fliers, newspapers, etc.

Relations and Networking

DEFRC will collaborate with many governmental and non- governmental organizations, Higher Learning Institutions, Enterprise, Bureaus’ of Environment and Forest, Bureaus’ of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and different Research Institutions, etc.


Abebaw shemeles Alemayehu (PhD)

Director, Diredawa Environment and Forest Research Center

    • Mobile: +251 915 736405
    • Office fixed line : +251 254 1181 09
    • E-mail: abebaws@eefri.gov.et /or/ shabebaw2070@gmail.com

Contact us

Diredawa Environment and Forest Research Center
  • P.o.box: 1708 Diredawa, Ethiopia
  • E-mail: dire-dawa.efrc@eefri.gov.et
  • Office fixed line: + 251 254 11 55 10

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