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Hawassa Environment and Forest Research Center (HEFRC) is one of the seven newly established Research centers

Mr. Biruk Birhan Zewdie
Director, Hawassa Environment and Forest Research Center (HEFRC)

administered under the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute. The center HEFRC has established in July 8, 2015. Since the center, HEFRC, is at its infant stage, it is expected to have four sub-centers in its mandate areas in Bale, Yabello, Arbaminch, Hossaina administrative zones of Ethiopia.

In line with the EEFRI the center is responsible for adapting, generating, improving and disseminating technologies in areas of environment and forest in general; plantation and agroforestry, ecosystem management, forest resources utilization, forest protection, climate science, pollution management, Socio-economic, Policy, Extension and Gender in particular in order to fulfill the current and long-term environment and forest technology requirements the country.

HEFRC is located about 275 km south of Addis Ababa in capital of city of Southern Nations and Nationalities and Regional State (SNNPRs) with latitudinal and longitudinal range of 7º3′ N 38º, 28’E with an altitude range between 1708 and 1920 m.a.s.l. It has a mean annual rainfall and temperature of 953.4 mm and 20.3°C, respectively

Currently, the center has four research sites at Yirgalem, Kore, Kuyera, and Bule Horra for plantation and seed orchard research. In addition to this, the center is mandated to do problem solving researches on Zones of Borena, Guji, Bale, and some parts of West Arsi Zone, whole parts of SNNPRs (Except Kaffa and Bench Maji Zones) in areas of forestry and environment.

Biruk Birhan (MSc)

Director, Hawassa Environment and Forest Research Center

  • Mobile phone: +251 912 156842 /or/ +251 921 437734
  • Office phone : +251 462 120437
  • Personal e-mail: birukb@eefri.gov.et /or/ brkbz25@gmail.com

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Hawassa Environment and Forest Research Center

  • P.o.box : 1832 Hawassa, Ethiopia
  • Office fixed line : +251 462 120439
  • E-mail: hefrc@eefri.gov.et
  • Fax: +251 462 120438

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