Jimma Environment and Forest Research Center

Jimma Environment and Forest Research Centre

Jimma Environment and Forest Research Centre (JEFRC) is one of the seven newly established research centres administered under

Mr. Hailu Belay (MSc)
Director, Jimma Environment and Forest Research Center (JEFRC)

Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute. The centre (JEFRC) has established in July 8, 2015. JEFRC covered large parts of south western Ethiopia as mandate areas which include Jimma zones, Bench Mejgi Zone, keffa zone sheko zone, Ilu- Ababora zone, Gembela regions state and some parts of Dawiro zone.

As that of the EEFRI the centre is hold big responsible for adapting, generating, improving and disseminating technologies under different projects which are structured in processes and division, i.e in areas Environmental pollution and controlling mechanisms, Plantation and Agro forestry, Non- Timber Forest Products, Ecosystem management, Forest resources utilization, Forest protection, Climate science, pollution management, Socio-economic, Policy, Extension and Gender in particular in order to fulfill the current and long-term environment and forest technology requirements of the country. The centre has also old research sites which established for the purpose of seed orchard at Agaro, charsi, Dambi, Gemada, chora, Arjo, Aman , Bonga,Bebaka and Belete Gera.

JEFRC is located at Jimma town around 346 kilometers in southern western of the Ethiopian from capital city Addis Ababa. Currently the centre has Four sub centre such as Bedalle ( Ilu-Aba bori ), Mizan (Bench Mejgi zone ), Gimbi(West Wellega) and Gembella (Gembella region).

Hailu Belay Debela (MSc)

Diector, Jimma Environment and Forest Research Centre

    • Mobile phone: +251 911 771514
    • Office fixed line: +251 472 112041
    • Personal e-mail: hailub@eefri.gov.et /or/ hailu.bd@gmail.com

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Jimma Environment and Forest Research Center

    • P.o.box: 1187, Jimma, Ethiopia
    • Office fixed line: +251 472 11 24 36
    • Fax: +251 472 11 26 65
    • E-Mail: jefrc@eefri.gov.et

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