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Mekelle Environment and Forest Research Center (MEFRC) is one of the seven newly established research centers administered under

the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute. The Center was established on July 8, 2015. Since the Center is at its

Mr. Berihu Tesfa-Mariam (MSc)
Director, Mekelle Environment and Forest Research Center (MEFRC)

infant stage, it has four sub-centers in its mandate areas: Humara, Shire, Mohoni and Awra (in the Afar Region administrative zones of Ethiopia).

In line with the EEFRI’s objectives, the Center is responsible for adapting, generating, improving and disseminating technologies in the areas of environment and forest in general and mitigating environmental pollution and controlling mechanisms; plantation and agroforestry; non-timber forest products; ecosystem management; forest resources utilizations; forest protection; climate science; pollution management; socio-economics, policy, extension and gender in particular in order to fulfill the current and future environment and forest technology requirements of the country.

MEFRC is located at 780 km North of the capital, Addis Ababa, at 13°29′ N 39°28′ E, with an elevation of 2084 m at Mekelle. But the Centre’s mandate areas range from less than 100 m at Dalul in Afar Region up to the highest point of the southern zone of Tigray Region (Mountain Amba Alagi with 3949 m). The mean annual rainfall ranges from 350 to 1200 mm and minimum temperature and maximum temperatures are 12 °C and 34 °C, respectively.

Currently, the Center has four research sites at its southern zone of Tigray: Raya Azebo, Endamohoni , Emba Alage, and Ofla woredas for natural forest, plantation and agroforestry research and forest resources research. In addition, the Center is mandated to do problem solving research on the overall Tigray Region, North Wollo zones of Amhara Region and some parts of West Afar zones in areas of environment, forestry and climate change research for adopting and mitigating the climate variability.

Berihu TesfaMariam (MSc)

Diector, Mekelle Environment and Forest Research Center

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